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Window cleaning – transparency in every detail

By cleaning the building, we mean, first, cleaning indoors. But in addition to the internal cleaning clean needs and building facade, in particular a window or glass structures. The windows in the building, as well as buildings with solid glass facades require a separate approach to the care and cleaning.

Wash windows does not apply to the regular cleaning species such as washing hair or dust floor cleaning. How often should I wash them? we recommend cleaning the windows at least for its customers twice a year. But when the building is located in large metropolitan areas and / or near a busy highway, where pollution exceeds the standard level several times, wash the windows should at least once a month.

Standard windows are washed in the off-season: spring, when the dirt is removed, after the winter, and in the autumn, in preparation for the winter window. Of course there are exceptions, after construction or maintenance work, or other events that have led to contamination of the windows.

window cleaning stages

Window cleaning is one of the time-consuming work. The windows are washed in several stages.

1. The frames and bases of windows.
First, a vacuum cleaner or ordinary clean cloth any dust. If the old design of the window, and understand, something extra to clean the inside of the frame. If the joints appeared mold, it is necessary to remove and then to disinfect a given space to prevent its further withdrawal poyavleniya.Posle basic final wash dirt carried frames until net sostoyaniya.
2. Stekla.
V first window wash the inside and then the outside. First clean the places where the most dirt accumulates – joints of windows. Following, a special mop for glass, vertical movements wash mud down the window, and then it is removed. After washing the windows of their polished special cloth made of microfiber or bumagoy.Dopolnitelno exterior windows can be treated with a special auto-chemistry of water on divorce steklah.
3. Drains.
On all modern designs of windows have special drainage systems that also need to be cleaned from nabivshegosya debris, lint, etc.
4. otlivy.
Zaklyuchitelny sills and window washing step in – the removal of dirt from the ebb and sills.

As a rule, together with washing the windows and bought cleaning blinds. Horizontal blinds are cleaned without removal of the structure.
Vertical blinds can be cleaned without removing the surfactant only. For a thorough cleaning is necessary to remove them and to give a special dry-cleaning, which already will clean all the accumulated dirt.


Washing windows is not a very cheap service. This time consuming service that requires a lot of effort and professionalism of the staff.

The price of the service depends on the following factors:
1. Volume of work performed (window area in m2).
2. The height performed rabot.3. The degree of contamination of the windows.
4. The need to perform cleaning alpinistami.
5 windows. Window cleaning inside and outside otdelno.
6 calculated. Structural features of windows.
7. Extra services (cleaning blinds, eat and wash curtains)

Compliance with safety rules when cleaning windows.

Window cleaning refers to the Work with increased risk. Therefore, starting the implementation, it is necessary to observe the basic safety requirements.

All personnel that performs various cleaning work once a year is a mandatory briefing on labor protection. New employees are being trained for employment. In addition, the foreman monitors compliance with all the rules when working employees.

Basic precautions that should be taken when cleaning windows:
1. When washing windows do not stand on the windowsill, and the use for this special sliding ladder. Ladder should be serviceable to have steps. At the ends of the ladder must be rubber boots or pointed metal tip to prevent its sliding on the floor.
2. Do not use the stairs instead of random items.
3. Wiping the outside of the glass, washing and wiping the glass in the deaf-bound glass roofs – must be carried out with the mandatory use of safety belt and safety rope, which is attached to the solid structure of the building.
4. Work climbers prohibited under adverse weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, snow, fog, subzero temperature.

Equipment and implements, which is used for cleaning windows.

If professional cleaning windows using the following oborudovanie.
1. Sliding wiper.
The easiest, most inexpensive and popular tool for washing windows – a windshield wiper with telescopic handle. This device is useful in that it has a small weight, thanks to its straightforward design allows easy removal of dirt both from the inner and outer parts of insulating glass. A feature of this tool is its handle – is a retractable tube, which allows you to reach and efficiently clean the glass at a height of 6 meters. Telescopic brushes have a number of advantages: – an economical amount of detergent; – the length of the handle can be adjusted independently during operation, which allows to wash the windows of different height and design; – complete there are always several different nozzles, the angle of which can also be easily changed;
– to use such a device can for cleaning windows, and any mirror and glass surfaces.
2. The detergent pylesos.Mozhno use with an appropriate nozzle.

Forline company is an example of a great result, where:

staff + knowledge + experience + material base = perfectly clean windows and glass in your building. We provide a full range of cleaning services for windows and facades. We my normal windows, and the windows and glass structure of the building at any height. Our employees have extensive experience and pass annual training required to obtain a license, which allows it to work at height.

We offer additional services such as cleaning the facade, cleaning blinds and so on.

After we have always just cleanliness.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

Service company Forline. Copyright © 2006-2018. All rights reserved.

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