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Administrative institutions

The company “Forline” offers a full range of services for administrative offices.
Schools, universities and other administrative bodies need daily cleaning and maintenance. This institution, which are visited by a large number of children and adults.
Therefore it is very important to keep these facilities clean, make sure that all utilities worked fine.
By cleaning in schools, universities and kindergartens increased requirements to cleanliness and order.
There should be not only clean, but also cleaning products must be safe for children.
For cleanliness in preschool developed special hygiene regulations that must be adhered to.
Employees’ Forline “know what are the requirements for different types of administrative structures, understand all the intricacies of cleaning.

Turning to the company “Forline” – you turn to the real professionals in their field and receive a range of services such as:
1. Professional Cleaning
2. Washing of windows and facade
3. Purification of ventilation from dirt and dust
4. Delivery and sale of consumables and household chemicals
5. Rent and sale of protective mats.
6. Cleaning of neighboring territories
7. Catering
8. Outstaffing
9. The technical maintenance of the building.
10. Cleaning surfaces.
11. Delivery


Now you need not worry that your staff does not come to work or ill: the company “Forline” staff will always be on time and efficiently carry out their work. Order maintenance of industrial enterprises in Kyiv, Lviv and Dnieper – we have it handy, easy and affordable!
In “” Forline “” works well trained staff that has a lot of practice, and has all the necessary skills and knowledge.
Our staff successfully cope with the professional cleaning of administrative offices in Kyiv, Lviv and Dnieper. We know how to clean these facilities properly and effectively.
We picked the most effective equipment and safe cleaning products, as well as apply advanced technology.
Customers will appreciate the cleanliness and comfort in your company that will prevail after restoring order by our specialists. Call us, we will be glad to cooperate!

Departure of the expert to estimate the volume and cost of the work is free!
We were on the shoulder any task.