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Shopping Centers

The company “Forline” offers a full range of services for shopping centers, malls, supermarkets and other retail stores of different formats.

Shopping centers – it is a place where the greatest level of traffic compared to other objects.
Therefore, the support of cleanliness during the working day – the main task to maintain these facilities.
The purity requires not only the territory, but also the ventilation system, as all closed objects, which do not have natural ventilation and the air flows through the ventilation system.
“Forline” company – the ideal solution for commercial enterprises. – We are professional staff, special equipment and chemicals for cleaning the territory, both inside and outside.

“Forline” company offers the following services for retail chains:
1. Cleaning of premises of any complexity
2. Purification of ventilation from dirt and dust
3. Supply and sale of consumables and household chemicals
4. Rental and sale of protective mats.
5. Cleaning of neighboring territories
6. Catering
7. Outstaffing
8. Technical building maintenance.
9. Cleaning surfaces.
10. Delivery

Our company is successfully coping with the professional cleaning of shopping centers and other retail stores in Kyiv, Lviv and Dnieper. We know how to properly and effectively provide a comfortable operation of such enterprises.
We picked the most effective equipment and safe cleaning products, apply cutting-edge technology.
Now you need not worry that your staff does not come to work or ill: the company “Forline” staff will always be on time and efficiently carry out their work. In “” Forline “” works well trained staff that has a lot of practice, and has all the necessary skills and knowledge.
Customers will appreciate the cleanliness and comfort in your company that will prevail after restoring order by our specialists.
Call us, we will be glad to cooperate!
Order the service trade enterprises in Kyiv, Lviv and Dnieper – we have it handy, easy and affordable!

Departure of the expert to estimate the volume and cost of the work is free!
We were on the shoulder any task.