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Terms of service

The company “Forline” which is located at: Ukraine, Kyiv, street Polovtsian, 49 Karmazin in the person of Alexander, acting under statute, guided art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine offers to the general public ( “you” or “User”) enter into this service agreement (the “Agreement” or “Terms”) under the following provisions.
Full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the Treaty is to carry you or any of the acts referred to in section 2 of the Terms. Since the adoption (acceptance) by you of these Terms, this Agreement is concluded without his signature in each case.

1. General reservation

1.1. Using products (documents, information), services etc. that are FORLINE (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Services” excluding any services provided FORLINE under a separate written agreement) is subject to the Terms of the agreement between you and the Company.
1.2. If Forline not signed another written agreement, your agreement with the company will always include at least the conditions of use set forth herein.

2. Acceptance of Terms

2.1. Before you can use the Service, you must accept the Terms. You may not use the Services do not accept the Terms.
2.2. Accept the terms in the following ways:

(A) clicking “Accept Terms” if it was added FORLINE in the user interface of a service; or

(B) the actual use of the Services; or

(B) the implementation of the User voluntary payment.

In certain cases, you agree that Forline will consider your actions as acceptance of the Terms.

3. Provision of Service FORLINE

3.1. FORLINE constantly innovating in order to provide maximum comfort to its users. You acknowledge and agree that the structure and nature of services provided FORLINE may from time to time without prior notice.
3.2. In this regard, you acknowledge and agree that FORLINE has the right to stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the Services (or any features within the Services) to you in particular, or all users in its sole discretion without notice. You can stop using the Services at any time. If you stop using the Services no need to inform FORLINE.
3.3. You acknowledge and agree that if FORLINE block access of your account, you may not be able to use the Services and access the account data and files and information stored in your account.

4. Using the Service

4.1. You agree to use the Services only as part of (a) the Terms and (b) the current legislation of Ukraine and the accepted norms and rules.
4.2. You agree that you will not engage in activities that interfere with or disrupt the site www.forline.ua, promoting services or related networks or services.
4.3. You agree not to sell, trade or resell the Services for any purpose, unless this right was not given to you by FORLINE in a separate agreement.
4.4. You assume full responsibility (and FORLINE not responsible neither to you or to any third party for) any breach of your obligations to third parties, and for the consequences of these disorders (including damage suffered FORLINE) by using Services.

5. Privacy and protection of personal data

5.1. Information on how to apply FORLINE data protection contained in the Privacy Policy at:https://forline.ua/en/privacy-policy/. Here the principles applicable FORLINE for handling personal information and ensuring privacy when providing / receiving services.
5.2. You are allowed to use your data in accordance with Privacy policy FORLINE.

6. Contents of information used in providing services

6.1. FORLINE seeks to place on the site relevant and useful information. However, information on the site http://www.forline.ua provided without warranty of any kind, including without guarantees its suitability for use in a particular situation User. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may contain errors or inaccuracies. FORLINE not be liable to anyone for damage related to the use of the Services.
6.2. You should understand that advertisements placed in service (at http://www.forline.ua), and sponsor information included in the Services may be protected by intellectual property rights owned by the sponsors or advertisers provide the information of the Company.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1. Websitehttp://www.forline.uais subject to copyright and as complicated work, and a “compilation of data” ( “Database”) protected on the territory of Ukraine, according to the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights”. All copyright ownership rights to the Site (http://www.forline.ua) areForline.
7.2. Designation “FORLINE” is a registered trademark (trademark), isForlineand you may not be used without permission of the holder.
7.3. If no other written agreement with FORLINE, these terms do not give any rights to any trademarks, logos, domain names and other objects used FORLINE.
7.4. If FORLINE in writing not allowed to rest, you agree during use of the Services does not use trademarks, trade names and logos of any companies or organizations in a way that inadvertently or deliberately cause a false picture of the owner or authorized user of such trademarks, names or logos.

8. Termination of relationship with the Company

8.1. These conditions will apply as long as you will not be terminated or the Company, as described below.
8.2. FORLINE may at any time revoke signed a legal agreement with you if:
(A) you have breached any provision of the Terms (or have committed actions which clearly indicate your unwillingness or inability to comply with the terms of this provision), or
(B) FORLINE required to do so by legal requirements (for example, if you provide the Services is unlawful or ceases to be lawful), or
(E) services have become unprofitable in terms FORLINE.
8.3. Termination of these Terms shall have no impact on any of the legal rights, obligations and responsibilities of acting for you and for FORLINE (or received during the term of the Terms) and are provided in these Terms unlimited duration.

9. Limitation of actions guarantees

9.1. You expressly acknowledge and unconditionally agree that you use the Services at your own risk and that the services provided to you “as is” and “as available.”
9.2. In particular, FORLINE not represent or warrant to you that
(A) Services will meet your criteria (requirements)
(B) Services provided continuous, timely, secure and error-free,
(B) Any information obtained by you as a result of use of the Services will be accurate and reliable,
9.3. Downloading any material and obtaining them otherwise using the service or site Forline is done at your own discretion and at your own risk, all liability for any damage caused to your computer system, the lines of communication or other equipment, property, etc., and also for loss of data or change as a result of downloading such material, the penetration of viruses relies on you.
9.4. ADVICE OR INFORMATION, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, OBTAINED BY YOU FROM FORLINE or through the Services does not provide any warranty not explicitly expressed in these conditions.
9.5. FORLINE renounces explicit and implicit guarantees and conditions, including without limitation, implied warranties and conditions suitability of the Service for your goals.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1. In accordance with the general provisions described above in paragraph 9.1, you clearly understand and unconditionally agree that FORLINE not liable to you for:
(A) any direct, indirect, incidental loss incurred by you, irrespective of the manner and circumstances of the damage. These losses include, in particular, loss of profits (both direct and indirect) damage the prestige and reputation, loss of data, costs of purchasing replaceable goods or services and other intangible loss;
(B) Any loss incurred by you, including losses resulting from:
(I) your expectations for completeness, accuracy or reliability of any information or as a result of cooperation or agreement between you and any person;
(II) Any changes in FORLINE services and the possibility of temporary or permanent cessation of the Services (or any features provided within these services);
(III) Removing, damaging or nonconservation any content and other data, processed or transmitted through use of the Services;
(IV) Failure to provide accurate information about your account in FORLINE;
(V) Violating the confidentiality of your password and other account information from your guilt;
10.2. Disclaimer FORLINE to you as described in paragraph 10.1, acting independently of whether FORLINE aware of the possibility of such damages.

11. Advertisements

11.1. Financing of certain services is using funds received from the placement of advertisements and marketing materials, as in the use of such services may display advertising material. These ads can be relevant information stored on the Services, queries made using these services, and other information.
11.2. The manner, mode and extent of publication of advertisements placed FORLINE the Service is subject to change without notification.
11.3. Given that FORLINE gives you access and use the Services, you agree that FORLINE may place such advertising on the Services.
11.4. FORLINE has the right, without any explanation to restrict or prohibit advertising on the site or hyperlinks to resources, according FORLINE contain information contrary to public order, principles of humanity and morality; propagandize war, national and religious hatred, change through violence the constitutional order and territorial integrity of Ukraine, in particular, contain anti-racist slogans, logos and names of extremist organizations; aimed at the violation of constitutional rights and freedoms; contain obscene words and expressions; is pornographic or contains pornographic; propagandize drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism, smoking and other bad habits.

12. Other content

12.1. Services may include hyperlinks to other websites, content or resources. FORLINE may not be able to control sites or resources provided by other companies or individuals.
12.2. You acknowledge and agree that FORLINE not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not assume any responsibility relating to the advertising, products or other materials placed on such sites or resources available through them.
12.3. You acknowledge and agree that FORLINE not responsible for loss or damage incurred by you as a result of access to such external sites or resources, or resulting from your assessment of the accuracy, completeness or reliability of advertising information, products or other materials placed on such sites or resources available through them.

13. Changes to the Terms

13.1. Occasionally FORLINE may make changes to the Terms. When making changes FORLINE creates a new version of the Terms and places them on the pagehttp://www.forline.ua/rules/.
13.2. You understand and agree that use of the Services after the change FORLINE Terms considered as acceptance of these Terms.

14. General legal terms

14.1. In some cases, together with the Services, you may (as a result of their use, and in connection with them) use some of other persons or companies and purchase their products. The use of such services or products may be subject to a separate agreement between you and the person or legal entity. In such cases, the conditions do not affect the legal relationship between you and other persons or entities.
14.2. Terms constitute the entire legal agreement between you and FORLINE regulate you receive services (other than services FORLINE provided in a separate written agreement, if any), and completely replace any prior agreements between you and FORLINE on Services.
14.3. You agree that FORLINE can send you messages, including information about changing these Terms by email alerts or the Services.
14.4. You agree that the absence of any action or lawsuits by FORLINE aimed at applying any legal norms prescribed conditions or standards legislation of Ukraine does not mean giving FORLINE their rights and does not prevent FORLINE use these regulations and tools.
14.5. If any legal body authorized to consider this issue, recognizing the invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions, the relevant provision will be removed from the Terms retaining action of all its other provisions. The remaining provisions of the Terms will be valid, and compliance can be ensured in court.
14.6. Conditions and the relationship between you and FORLINE in these Terms are governed by the laws of Ukraine.
14.7. In case you disagree with any of these terms, you must immediately stop using the site full www.forline.ua.

15. Additional terms for businesses

15.1. If you are a legal entity, the individual who accepted the terms on behalf of your organization (to avoid confusion, the term “you” in relation to legal persons under the Terms means the organization) represents and warrants that it is authorized to act on your behalf that you confirm that all necessary permits to operate in Ukraine, and your employees, officers, representatives, and other agents that use authorized use FORLINE and have legal rights to apply to have these conditions.

Contact Information:info@forline.com.ua

FORLINE, Kyiv, Ukraine, June 26, 2018

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