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Cleanliness of premises according to HACCP requirements

From September 20, 2019, the HACCP system is being implemented at all Ukrainian enterprises whose activities are in one way or another related to food.

We are moving towards Europe and the civilized market. The HACCP system, which has long existed in all developed countries, is necessary if we are to be competitive in the world and for our product to gain true value.

Also, the implementation of the system is governed by the Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Food Safety and Quality” and the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine No. 590 of 01.10.2012 “On approval of requirements for the development, implementation and application of permanent procedures based on the principles Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP) ».

What is HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system of risk analysis, hazard factors, and critical point control. The HACCP system is scientifically grounded, which guarantees the production of safe products by identifying and controlling dangerous factors.

Who implements the HACCP system?

1. Food manufacturers.

2. Agricultural producers of raw materials: agroholdings, agricultural companies, farms, societies and cooperatives.

3. Food processors.

4. Manufacturers of feed, veterinary preparations, fertilizers, pesticides.

5. All food trading companies.

6. Any catering establishments (points).

7. Companies engaged in storage, packaging, packaging and transportation of finished products.

8. Manufacturers of cleaning and disinfectants, equipment for the food and trade spheres.

The HACCP system is based on 7 basic principles:

  • analysis of dangerous factors;
  • identification of critical control points;
  • setting critical limits;
  • determination of the monitoring procedure;
  • development of corrective actions;
  • storage and updating of documents;
  • Performance evaluation.

The implementation of a food safety management system in the enterprise is a long process, which applies to all services and personnel. It is not limited to the development of documentation and the production of basic order. In order to implement an effective food safety management system, first of all, training is required:

– top management;

– HACCP groups;

– personnel performing work affecting product safety;

– responsible for operational control.

It may be necessary to change the processes or methods of packaging, review the requirements for suppliers of raw materials and materials, or even replace the production equipment or redevelop the premises.

The prerequisites for the HACCP system cover the following:

  • Proper planning of industrial, auxiliary and domestic premises to avoid cross-contamination;
  • requirements for the condition of premises, equipment, repair work, equipment maintenance, calibration, etc., as well as measures for the protection of food products from contamination and foreign impurities;
  • requirements for the planning and condition of communications – ventilation, water supply, electricity and gas supply, lighting, etc .;
  • safety of water, ice, steam, auxiliary materials for processing (processing) of foodstuffs, objects and materials in contact with foodstuffs;
  • cleanliness of surfaces (procedures for cleaning, washing and disinfection of industrial, auxiliary and household premises and other surfaces);
  • staff health and hygiene;
  • protection of products from impurities; production and waste management, collection and disposal;
  • pest control, species identification, prevention, prevention and control;
  • storage and use of toxic compounds and substances;
  • specifications (requirements) for raw materials and control of suppliers;
  • control over technological processes;
  • Food labeling and consumer awareness.

Forline’s activities cover HACCP processes related to the protection of foodstuffs from contamination, the state of communications, the cleanliness of surfaces, and the control of pests.

Not only will we set up and implement these processes, we will also develop the necessary documentation, which we will continue to maintain in the future.

We have extensive experience in various businesses, including food-related businesses.

Our staff undergoes ongoing training and medical examinations.

We select cleaning products based on your business.

Choosing our company, you can be sure that we will integrate as quickly as possible into the existing HACCP system of your enterprise.

We keep abreast of the changes in the legislation, we follow the existing norms of servicing of different enterprises.

We keep an eye on innovation in facilities management to provide our customers with the best solutions.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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