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Carpet under the microscope

Carpet – one of the most common universal coverage, which is used in most offices, hotels, schools. Also carpet popular in ordinary apartments, houses.

His love for what he creates presentable and comfort in the room retains heat, offers a variety of colors and patterns, with the cost relatively inexpensive. Carpet is easy to care: that outwardly it looked clean enough to vacuum it every day.

However, for all the above advantages, there is one significant drawback – carpet eventually becomes the collector not only trampled dirt and dust, but also home to the mites, a variety of bacteria and other pests.

Back in his apartment, we all used to change shoes, so not all of the dirt and possible pests can get into our house. However, in the office do not, so all the dirt from the soles, all bacteria, microscopic insects that fall into the room, and find the most favorable environment for their habitat and reproduction. If all this is multiplied by the permeability of the office, the extent of the penetration of dirt and pests impressive.

And if the mud all clear what kind of pests to settle in the carpet.

The most common pests that feel good in carpeting and other floor coverings – is dust mites. By themselves, dust mites or dermatofagoidesy absolutely harmless. They can not bite humans and not spread the infection. However, the products of their isolation and the wreckage of the chitin carapace already dead mite allergens are the strongest. All of this gets into the air that we breathe, causing sneezing, coughing, dizziness and other allergic reactions. Due to the constant exposure to dust mites can decrease immunity and develop a complete allergy. And when you consider that the dust mites reproduce very quickly – lay about 300 eggs in four months – the density of population in such a large colony of about 100,000 microparasites per square meter of carpet.

Spilled liquid or moisture remaining after harvest, and here we have another very unpleasant and dangerous resident carpets – mold. Fungus only one or two days to start the engine in wet environments. Her appearance will not go unnoticed: the mold spreads unpleasant musty odor. Numerous spores into the air and fly away in a room, they breathe is dangerous for health, can weaken immune defenses, so you need to get rid of it immediately.

From the street, you can easily carry on themselves ordinary fleas. These blood-sucking insects are comfortably located in the carpeting and rugs. Flea bite already poses a direct threat to man. Flea can infect different human parasites cause itching, dermatitis, and even dangerous to transfer disease until bubonic plague.

The carpeting is also home to a huge number of pathogenic bacteria. Scientists conducted a study of home carpet and found a variety of organisms – from Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, to agents of pneumonia. Therefore, we can safely say that the carpet in the office is teeming with various bacteria.

And if to remove everyday dirt fits regular cleaning of the carpet using a conventional vacuum cleaner, then thoroughly clean the dirt and trampled pest control should be carried out dry-cleaned carpet.

The regularity of cleaning of carpet depends on the patency of the room, but not less than once every six months.

Dry cleaners carpet spend only professional cleaning companies, which is a company Forline.

Before dry-cleaning we conduct a visual inspection of the carpet, check the degree of contamination, the presence of different spots and clarifies when conducted previous dry cleaning. After that, we select the necessary chemistry with the level of pollution and identified spots.

Carpet dry cleaning is carried out with the help of special equipment, which is ten times more expensive than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

For normal cleaning of carpet from dirt and dust, we use the carpet cleaner extractor. Special cleaning solution flows through nozzle guy on the carpet surface, penetrating most deeply into the fiber dissolves the dirt, and then use a powerful motor is going back to the vacuum extractor.

When the company have not carried out a dry-cleaner of carpet (more than 6 months), carpet heavily polluted – in this case, we apply deep dry cleaning. With deep dry cleaning with vacuum extractor used functional single disc floor cleaning machine (polisher). Polisher and special detergents clean even grime.

We have extensive experience in dry cleaning carpet. We use only certified chemistry from Europe and Ukraine, which will not harm the carpet and is harmless to humans.

Turning to our company, you get the assurance that your carpet is clean and safe.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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