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Disinfection from COVID-19
Express cleaning
Daily cleaning
Complex cleaning
General cleaning of premises (offices, houses, apartments, warehouses)
Cleaning after construction and repair
Cleaning of the adjacent territory
Washing windows and shop windows, facades and signage
Dry cleaning of carpets and carpet
Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture
Dry cleaning of car interiors
Cleaning of garbage chutes
Industrial alpinism
Cleaning ATMs and payment terminals
Cleaning of ventilation systems and air lines from dirt
Installation and construction of inspection hatches in the duct
Video inspection of ventilation systems from the inside
Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation in a country house / cottage
Cleaning of ventilation in administrative buildings from dust and dirt
Cleaning of ventilation systems (air ducts, extractors, brazier, umbrellas) from fat in restaurants
Cleaning of ventilation from rust and its residues
Cleaning of air ducts after a fire or a flood
Cleaning of ventilation systems, ventilation ducts, air ducts of industrial and industrial buildings
Cleaning of ventilation (ductwork) at the hotel
Disinfection of ventilation systems (air ducts)
Cleaning the fireplace and chimney
Delivery and sale of consumables and household chemicals
Sale and rental of mud mats
Maintenance of real estate
Land improvement
Pest- Control
Pest control
Moving services
Office move
Appartment move
Movers services
Temporary storage services
Delivery of oversized cargo
Packing cargo
Information Technology and System Administration

6 cleaning myths

1. Grandmothers or folk remedies clean better than special chemicals.

Clean with soda or wipe the glass with vinegar – and everything will sparkle with cleanliness. Yes, sometimes these tools work, but they solve only one problem, for example, to remove a specific stain or give the glass shine. While special products work in a complex: they remove stains, add shine and a pleasant smell. Moreover, the tools are constantly being improved, effective environmental series are appearing.

2. Bathrooms – the dirtiest place in the room.

In fact, the dirtiest places in the room are switches and door handles, something that people most often touch. If the bathrooms are washed regularly, then how often do the door handles and switches are carefully wiped? And if this is the handle of the front door, into which a lot of people enter and go out?

3. Panicles for dust – convenient and fast.

Of course, walking with a whisk is much faster than wiping everything with microfiber. But using microfiber, you can be sure that the dust will be removed, while with a whisk you simply sweep it away to another place: here it was on the table, and up, you dared it on the nightstand, floor or sofa.

4. Perfect cleanliness.

Living in a sterile apartment or office is like being constantly in the operating room.

We are surrounded by microbes and if they are completely removed from our lives, then the immune system weakens, because she no longer needs to work on constant resistance, and we get sick at the slightest non-standard situation.

Cleanliness should be comfortable: a clean floor, furniture without dust, clean surfaces – this is more than enough to maintain balance in the microclimate of the room.

5. Permanent ventilation.

Are you sure that by constantly airing the room, you make it cleaner? And then you are surprised at the amount of dust that you find in it. Opening the window, you and the air run into the room and dust, and if the office is near the roadway, then the cleanliness of the air is also questionable. If you really want to ventilate the room so much, then do it better in the early morning or late evening.

6. Your company – you are responsible for cleanliness.

The myths that purity of the enterprise are supported by the enterprise itself have long been a thing of the past. Now they are increasingly resorting to the services of companies that provide cleaning and maintenance services. The main task of this company is to constantly keep the room clean and comfortable. More and more enterprises trust their comprehensive services to professional companies.

Our company is a real professional in the field of cleaning and maintenance services. Turning to us, you can be sure that your room will be clean, all communications will be in good condition.

Bonus tip.

When the heating season begins, it is important that the batteries are clean. Firstly, clean batteries are part of a clean room, and secondly, dust that settles and accumulates on the battery reduces heat output by up to 30%.

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