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Disinfection from COVID-19
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Cleaning of ventilation systems and air lines from dirt
Installation and construction of inspection hatches in the duct
Video inspection of ventilation systems from the inside
Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation in a country house / cottage
Cleaning of ventilation in administrative buildings from dust and dirt
Cleaning of ventilation systems (air ducts, extractors, brazier, umbrellas) from fat in restaurants
Cleaning of ventilation from rust and its residues
Cleaning of air ducts after a fire or a flood
Cleaning of ventilation systems, ventilation ducts, air ducts of industrial and industrial buildings
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Disinfection of ventilation systems (air ducts)
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Pest control
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5 basic COVID-19 prevention rules

The only information 100% confirmed about COVID-19 is that the virus kills regular preventative disinfection, both personal and premises.

Here are 5 basic rules for preventing COVID-19

1. Personal hand disinfection is carried out by means of alcohol content not less than 60 degrees. Therefore, study the composition of the product, the alcohol content in it should be 60-95 degrees. If the alcohol content is less, this will not help you. In this case, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. We also do not recommend drying your hand with a dryer. They accumulate various bacteria and microorganisms from the air in the room and then release them, including into your already clean hands. It is better to wipe them off with a regular towel or paper napkins.

How often do you disinfect?

If you are touching surfaces or things that are not personal, disinfect immediately. In other cases, you can set a schedule and carry out preventive disinfection every hour. Clean hands are the most important thing in the prevention of COVID-19 virus.

2. For cleaning use disinfectants containing hypochlorite sodium (chlorine) – a powerful disinfectant component. But when using it, read the operating instructions carefully. First, some detergents need to be diluted in water first, and secondly, this detergent should be on the surface for 15-20 minutes to have time to disinfect the virus. Also, the entire cleaning procedure is mandatory in gloves. The cheapest analogue of the tool – ordinary linen for bleaching fabric. Only clean surfaces need to be disinfected. Therefore, such as the floor or table, you must first remove and then disinfect.

3. Ventilate the room during the day. The amount of ventilation depends on the location and flow of people inside the room. If there are a lot of people or they move often, it should be ventilated for 5-10 minutes every hour. When you are at home, 3-4 times a day will be enough. But if the weather is good in the yard, the windows can not be closed at all.

4. If you are not working at home, you should disinfect your workplace with alcohol-containing disinfectants. Keyboard, mouse, armrests, everything you touch most. Your personal phone is the dirtiest thing, so disinfect it most often. If you have an office cleaner in addition to the mandatory disinfectant cleaning service, it should disinfect the surfaces most commonly touched (door handles, switches, handrails, elevator buttons) every hour. You should also disinfect these surfaces yourself at home.

5. A new coronavirus may exist on certain surfaces for up to three days. Researchers have found that the disease particles can live up to four hours on copper, a day on cardboard and two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. Therefore, when buying food or other things from the store, you need to take these properties of the virus into account. If you touch these things with your hands, you must disinfect them. If you bring your purchases home – you also need to either disinfect them or rinse them with water for at least 20 seconds. If you use gloves, you should remove them by twisting them and throwing them in the trash immediately.

Disinfect and stay healthy

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