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Shock disinfection

The incidence of COVID – 19 is growing every day around the world. Our company receives more and more requests for disinfection from coronavirus.

When the office is open and there is no way to send employees to work remotely, and at the first case of a confirmed case of COVID-19, one of the options to protect other employees is to disinfect the entire premises.

Someone orders disinfection, when there are already confirmed cases of sick employees, someone decided to go the other way and orders preventive disinfection once a week.

Disinfection gives a 100% guarantee that the room into which you enter, after its completion, will be completely safe.

A confirmed fact is that the virus stays on wooden, plastic surfaces for up to three days, on metal for up to 5 days, and it is these surfaces that any room consists of. And if your company has confirmed cases of COVID-19, you need to immediately disinfect or close the office for at least 3-5 days for the virus to self-destruct. Otherwise, all working employees are at risk of getting sick.

WHO, in its recommendation for disinfection, proposes that disinfection be carried out using disinfectants.

We disinfect in two ways:

– wiping all surfaces with a disinfectant;

– disinfection by cold fog method;

Both products have proven to be effective in the fight against COVID – 19.

At the request of the client, we provide all the necessary documents, certificates for the tools and equipment used.

All work is carried out with the use of increased safety equipment for employees conducting disinfection – mandatory disposable suits, respiratory and eye protection, gloves and shoe covers.