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Sale and rental of mud mats

Why do you need dirt-proof carpets and covers in stores, shopping malls, office buildings and any buildings?

How to protect the office or the building from dirt, especially during the autumn and winter, as well as in the spring? Is it possible to reduce the burden on the employees of the cleaning service business centers, houses and premises?
Of course, the answer to these questions depends on many factors. But one of the main criteria for ensuring cleanliness in any room is the presence of dirt-proof carpets. It’s not a secret that up to 90% of the dirt in the room falls on the soles of shoes.

What will happen if you DO NOT use lattices and indoor coverage (Kiev)
• high wear on the floor surface
• significant cleaning efforts and, consequently, increased cost of cleaning services
• the reputation of your company is raised due to the dirt on the floor.

Therefore, the use of dirt-protecting carpets and coatings in any room is extremely important. Protective carpets and rugs are standardly used indoors, especially as a barrier between dirt in the street and cleanliness inside the room. Such kind of dirt-protecting carpets are used in all places with sufficient passableness of people. In the case of high permeability or directly inside the lobby of the building, dirt-proof carpets are used as additional protection against dirt, supplemented, as a rule, by dirt-protection grids and other dirt-protection systems. As a basic system of protection against dirt, we recommend the use of mud protection lattices, which are installed on the steps (porch). Such gratings are designed to remove snow, significant dirt.

First of all, dirt-protecting rugs are designed to clean shoes (removal of sand, dirt, snow, moisture, etc.). Typically, dirt-proof mats are made of wear-resistant nylon nylon on a waterproof rubber base. Thus, the pile of dirt-protecting rug removes snow, water and sand from the soles, and the rubber substrate does not allow the dirt-protective carpet to slip. Thanks to its unique properties for the absorption of dirt and water, one square meter of dirt-proof carpet can collect up to 10 liters of water and 5 kilos of dirt and sand.

Where do dirt-proof carpets usually be used?
• In places of intense movement of people
• in the lobby, inside the entrance group
• near the elevators
• service inputs
• in the corridors
• on the stairs
• at the entrance to a house or apartment

How to use dirt-protecting rugs?
How do we suggest using dirt-proof carpets and coatings to ensure the cleanliness of your room? Cleaning company Forline offers you to buy such dirt-proof carpets, which employees of your cleaning service will be able to vacuum with the necessary frequency, or to do dry-cleaning.

A more convenient option for you is to use the service of periodic replacement of such dirt-protecting carpets in Kiev and Ukraine (rent of dirt-protecting carpets). Our manager will advise you the type of dirt-protecting rugs, the size of dirt-protecting carpets, their quantity, and the recommended replacement frequency, taking into account the specifics of your premises. After that, skilled employees of the Forlin company cleaning company will change their dirty carpets at similar intervals as they need to be clean!

So, let’s summarize the results. dirt-proof carpets and dirt-protecting coatings in Kiev and Ukraine?

1) dirt-protecting carpets are used to protect premises and buildings from dirt.

2) The use of dirt-protecting carpets allows you to reduce the amount of sand and moisture that enter the room and is essentially the most powerful abrasive, which greatly spoils the floor covering, and reduces the service life of the surfaces for the next repair. That means dirt-protecting carpets help save!

3) Dirt-absorbing carpets and coatings are used, including to reduce indoor injury! After all, wet from moisture and dirt coating (linoleum, tile) is often very slippery, which leads to a drop in people and possible injuries.

4) As a result, thanks to the use of dirt-protecting carpets, the first impression of visitors from visiting your office will be much better. Your office looks much cleaner!

Forlin’s cleaning company will gladly help you make your premises cleaner by providing dirt-protecting carpets (Kiev) and coating. Our manager will advise you on the type of dirt-protecting rugs, the size of dirt-protecting carpets, their number, and the recommended replacement frequency, taking into account the specifics of your room. After that, skilled employees of the Forlin company cleaning company will change their dirty carpets at similar intervals as they need to be clean!

You can also order dirt-proof floor carpets of any configuration and size, with the emblem or logo of your company affixed on them.