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Cleaning of ventilation systems (air ducts, extractors, brazier, umbrellas) from fat in restaurants

Nowadays, in Ukraine, more and more managers and owners of restaurants, cafes and cafes come to understand that cleaning of ventilation systems (air ducts, exhaust hoods, mangals) is necessary and useful. And not only because this procedure is regulated by law, and the fire inspector can easily write a decree to stop the kitchen (and every minute of idle time is a loss of money!). But also because if you do not clean ventilation, then you can face significant problems, and above all, at risk of fire!

After analyzing clients’ requests to the company Forline with requests for cleaning air ducts, we can highlight how the most frequent problems are:
• fat drips on the joints (in the lower parts, etc.);
• ventilation is poorly drawn;
• we can not reach the ventilation area; the ventilation duct is immersed in the ceiling (wall, floor, etc.);
• Electricity costs have risen, and filters require a more frequent replacement compared to the regulations;
• there was a fire, hardly extinguished;
• constant “smell of cuisine” throughout the institution;

Have you long been questioning the quality cleaning of air ducts (mangales, umbrellas) and ventilation equipment (fans) from grease and dirt? If not, then you may well have this picture:

all photographs are made in restaurants, supermarket cooking zones, cafe in Kyiv

If you are a manager who is thinking about tomorrow, we recommend that you order a video inspection of the status of the ventilation channels with the recording of the results on the disc. This inexpensive procedure will allow you to get an accurate understanding of what’s going on in your ventilation system.

As a result of the video inspecting, we will prepare for you a proposal for the cleaning of ventilation systems. As a result, you will receive ventilated ducts cleaned of fat:

the ventilation ducts were cleaned of fat. just compare with the photos above.

The unconditional advantages of using the combined mechanical method of cleaning with the help of the Finnish company LIFA, include the following:

Cleansing the ventilation systems using the Lefa brush machine does not even require partial disassembly. Equipment used by Forline allows cleaning of ventilation throughout the length without disassembly. At the same time, other methods, which are rarely used by other companies, mean complete or partial disassembly of ventilation. Which should result in a competent installation, with a test of tightness and vibration resistance. What in reality is practically not done. Thus, it is highly probable that the newly assembled ventilation will not have sufficient leakage.
Cleaning the air ducts from the fat with the help of equipment Lifa allows you not to stop work for a day! Our service staff is custom-made to your schedule. For example, in one of the restaurants our brigade worked from 12 nights to 5 am, and one in five started to work the kitchen. In this way, you do not lose money because of a simple kitchen (which occurs when partial or complete disassembly of ventilation).
Quality of work on ventilation cleaning at the highest level! The cleaning of the ventilation by a combined mechanical method (as, for example, with the help of the equipment LIFA) is a long-recognized method in Europe, as the most efficient, fast and safe method of clearing ducts of any diameter from any contamination.

Timely work on cleaning of ventilation systems from fat will help solve a number of issues at once:
Significantly reduce the risk of fire in the ventilation system. Unfortunately, many people forget that it is the exhaust system of kitchens in catering facilities that are particularly dangerous in the event of a fire. According to statistics, the reason for the fire is often the timely uncleared ventilation ducts and exhaust vents over the surfaces;
Increase the life of ventilation equipment. When contaminated with air ducts, the equipment begins to work literally to wear. For example, in fans there may be a misbalance of the blades due to fat. As a result, failure, and expensive repair or replacement.
Reduce power consumption and filter replacement rates (saving money!)

How often is it necessary to clean ventilation ducts in the kitchen?
Based on many years of European experience, we can recommend such a frequency for cleaning air ducts in the kitchens of restaurants, cafes, cooking:

INTERVAL CLEANING of exhaust ducts in kitchens at public catering establishments.
(HVCA 1998, EVHA 2006b, Lifa Air Ltd)

Using              Hours / Day                 Cleaning interval
————————————————– ————————————
Intensive          12-16 hours / day      minimum 3 months
The average     6-12 hours a day      at least 6 months later
Below average  2 – 6 hours / day     at least 12 months

Along with the cleaning of ventilation ducts, it is also important to clean the exhaust umbrellas and mangals in the kitchen from grease and dirt. We recommend this to be done on a monthly basis, for which we conclude a service contract.  

For a reasonable amount of money, you are always confident in the purity of your equipment and safety of operation!

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