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Cleaning of ventilation (ductwork) at the hotel

One of the most sought after vent cleaning services, based on the experience of Forline, is the cleaning of air ducts and other elements of ventilation systems in hotels throughout Ukraine. Cleaning of ventilation from dust and grease in hotels refers to the so-called industrial cleaning services.

Many Ukrainian hotels and motels, especially those who work on the basis of Western management standards, carry out ventilation cleaning at least twice a year. Especially, if it concerns the exhaust systems of kitchens of restaurants, and their cleaning from fatty deposits.

The main reasons why hotels decide to clean the ventilation are:
• reducing the risk of fire due to the outbreak of fat and dust in the air duct;
• reduction of electricity consumption (the systems and units of ventilation as a result of cleaning work in a mode close to the staff);
• improved sanitary and hygienic conditions for both hotel guests and guests.

To provide ventilation services in hotels / hotels, a brush machine for cleaning LifaAir (CombiCleaner 40, 15CombiCleaner, Hydmaster and others), a vacuum cleaner for the generation of negative pressure in the air line (Lifa HepaClean model 4000 and 3500 Lifa AirClean) is used for cleaning the ventilation ducts of LifaAir.

Dirt in the ventilation system at the hotel (Kiev). Airways are relatively clean.

An obligatory measure of the GO and AFTER cleaning of the Vent Channels is a video inspection of the air ducts with the help of a special inspector Lifa DuctControl Mini. It is especially worth noting that it is necessary to do a video inspection of air ducts in the hotel for ALL length, but not accurate.

Accumulated experience of the company “Forline” for the purification of ventilation suggests that the most contamination and technical condition of different sections ventkanal within a single ventilation system candifficult to differ. Therefore, the spot evaluation of individual sections of the ventilation system using, for example, videoendoscope, will be unspectacular for understanding the situation in the ventilation system in general. We strongly recommend that you conduct a video survey of air ducts in hotels throughout the length of the indeterminate, with subsequent recording of the examination materials on a disk or other media (flash drive )

Dirt in the ventilation system at the hotel (Kiev). Airways are relatively clean.

In addition, conducting video inspection of air ducts allows you to get a real (!) Ventilation scheme, which, often, differs from that which was made by the contractor in the construction of the hotel. Many years of practice in the cleaning of ventilation of our company suggests that even in hotels of high class (4-5 stars), often the schemes of ventilation systems do not correspond to reality.

In general, the cleaning of ventilation in the hotel may be of the following types:
• Cleaning the air ducts of the hotel from dust, dirt and other contaminants. As a rule, it is a question of cleaning the inflow of ventilation systems, as well as exhaust ventilation systems. Most often hotels order cleaning of air ducts washing from dust and dirt.
• Cleaning of ventilation of hotel restaurants from fat. In addition to cleaning the air ducts of restaurants from fat, here can be attributed to the cleaning of fans from fat, cleaning of kitchen umbrellas from fat.
• Cleaning of gas boilers from soot and other pollutants.

Depending on the type of air duct cleaning, type of contamination, special tools may be used, as well as different types of accessories and brushes. For example, to clean the air ducts in the hotel laundry and dirt should use standard brushes (nylon bristle standard rigidity), and necessarily a vacuum machine for dust removal from the ventilation system. At the same time, to clean the ventilation of the kitchen from the fat are usually used brushes Tayneks (with carborundum coating), fat brushes (brushes with a rigid bristle, specially for cleaning from fat thickness of 1.0 mm and 2.5 mm), metal brushes (brushes from stainless steel for cleaning ventilation from hard contaminants), and in some cases also a brush -nail (special cutters that allow removal of the most complex contaminants from air ducts).

The process of air duct cleaning at the hotel (Kiev).

It must be said that the work on the cleaning of air ducts and other elements of the ventilation systems in the motor vehicles requires from the contractor special attention and level of service. After all, service workers, who directly carry out cleaning ventkanalov, in no way should not create any discomfort for guests of the hotel. Therefore, a lot of work, especially the removal of fat from air ducts and umbrellas in the kitchen, is carried out at night, when the kitchen no longer works.

Ventkanaly after cleaning, at the hotel (Kiev).

Taking this opportunity, Forline reminds all potential customers that your contractor must have a license for video inspection of air ducts, as well as ventilation cleaning. This will serve as a kind of guarantee that your employer has the necessary knowledge, experience and qualifications.

Ventkanaly after cleaning, at the hotel (Kiev).

It will also be indispensable to seek advice from other clients who have already been using such services as cleaning ventilation channels. Believe me, the experience in cleaning ventilation is of great importance.

When you contact Forline with an order to clean ventilation ducts from dust and grease, you can be sure that you will work with the best professionals in this field in Ukraine. We will be glad to work with you!

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