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Creating a comfortable environment and the maintenance of working premises clean – one of the main conditions for creating a good atmosphere to work in the factories. In most companies, there is a regular service employees, but not always economically justified their presence. The cleaners do not always work full-time during leave or illness must employ a spare unit and minor repairs and maintenance should be carried out from time to time and keep constantly in the state of the service employees of the company is not profitable.

Therefore outstaffing in cleaning and, in particular, outstaffing cleaners outstaffing janitors and other employees of cleaning and service staff is quite common. Forline company always offers the best solutions for their customers and one of the solutions is austaffing staff.

What is outstaffing? Outstaffing – a cadre technology in which the employer is able to employ freelancers by renewal of its personnel for the staff – the staff outstaffing company.

Company Forline concludes with the employment agreement and formally employs them in his state, and then transmits the contract staff CLEANING employer-customer to carry out work on its territory and under its direct supervision. And since Forline is the official employer for retired staff, we fully take care of all the functions of an employer: registration and maintenance of records of employees, provides an outlet substituting personnel during periods of vacation, illness and other unforeseen situations..

Using outstaffing Cleaning staff customer optimizes its tax obligations. As practice shows, outstaffing the cleaning staff is really very beneficial and convenient for employers.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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