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Comfortable office is not only the cleanliness of the room and the excellent work of all systems.

This is when comfortable conditions are created at all stages of the office.

Many offices have their own small kitchen, where they have the opportunity to make their own tea, coffee, warm up food.

Meetings, conferences, trainings and other events conducted by the company imply serving guests drinks and snacks. Demand creates supply, so many offices take on their staff an individual specialist who takes the responsibility to organize the entire process of providing these services.

The company Forline also offers our customers a specialist “coffee lady”.

These are employees who have been trained and provide qualified services for the preparation of drinks and their serving, serving, etc.

Responsibilities performed by our regular coffee ladies with our customers

1. Control over the availability of products.

Calculation and planning of the required number of products. They make sure that the necessary products are always available, according to the approved list from our client. They are not allowed to be absent, they place an order for their purchase on time and monitor their implementation.

2. Control over the maintenance of the kitchen clean.

Monitoring the cleanliness of the table, microwave, coffee machine, kettle, etc. Control of the induction of purity after various methods.

3. Preparation of drinks: tea, coffee. Understand the varieties of tea and coffee. Experience the preparation of various snacks.

4. Table setting at various meetings, conferences, trainings.

5. Knowledge of etiquette and proper table setting.

6. The ability to handle technology: coffee machine, kettle, microwave.

7. Knowledge of English (in companies that do business with foreign partners, coffee lady will need knowledge of a foreign language)

8. Neat look, competent speech. If necessary, the opportunity to maintain a conversation with the company’s guest.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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