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Dry cleaning of carpets and carpet

In the cleaning company Forline you can order any floor cleaning and carpet dry cleaning services. Special dry cleaning of carpet will allow to restore this type of floor covering to an ideal condition in the absence of mechanical wear of carpeting.

In our work, we use special equipment that is capable of deep cleaning of various carpeting. At the same time, the pile structure of the carpets remains intact.

Carpet is different in that it holds in its structure and absorbs particles of dust and dirt, so you should clean this type of floor covering very often. This is especially true for offices of companies and shopping centers, where the carpet feels an increased load of visitors.

Often, the office staff or the company simply can not perform a qualitative cleaning of these types of coverage, since it requires appropriate equipment and the use of special cleaning agents. For this reason it is recommended to order dry cleaning of carpets in a professional cleaning company.

Forline Company offers its services in cleaning up any type of floor covering. We take into account all cleaning requirements offered by the customer – a place of cleaning, a convenient time. If necessary, we can use low-noise cleaning equipment, such as professional carpet extractors from Santoemma.

It is also important that due to the specialized professional equipment for carpet cleaning, drying the coating takes just a couple of hours – which is a very good result. Also in the arsenal of our employees are special installations that accelerate the process of drying floor carpeting.

Forline is a high level of quality and customer service. Contact Professionals!

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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