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Video inspection of ventilation systems from the inside

Video inspection of ventilation systems is the first and one of the most important stages in the cleaning of air ducts and ventilation ducts.
Video inspection of air ducts allows to find out the real causes of the violation of the ventilation systems, determine the condition of the ventilation ducts and the degree of their contamination. Most often, as our experience shows, video inspection of ventilation allows the Customer to get a real idea of the real scheme of the existing ventilation system. After all, the existing design documentation (and even it is the owner / tenant of the building is far from always) often does not correspond to the actual scheme of construction of ventilation ducts and ventilation equipment.

Also video inspection of ventilation channels allows to determine the following faults of the ventilation system:
• the presence of blockages (after repair or construction),
• Damage to ducts
• faulty flaps and valve firemen,
• and more.

Well, of course, video inspection of the ventilation system allows you to determine the degree of pollution with dust, dirt or grease.


Garbage, dirt and dust in air ducts. (Removed in Kiev)

Liquid and burnt fat in air ducts of restaurants. (Removed in Kiev)

According to the results of the video inspection, we give recommendations on the need to clean the ventilation system, and the frequency of its implementation. If necessary, attach a disk with video recording of the results of inspection of ventilation channels.

Robot in the ventilation duct, used for video inspecting and recording data to disk. Equipped with camera and backlight.

The video inspection is also always carried out after the work on cleaning the ventilation system. The video report is attached with the act of work performed, and allows our Customers to see real changes in their ventilation channels, before cleaning and after.

If you have problems with the operation of ventilation systems, or you just have not cleaned the ventilation system, just call us. We will conduct a video inspection of your ventilation and, if necessary, we will clean the air ducts and ventilation ducts.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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