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Cleaning of ventilation systems, ventilation ducts, air ducts of industrial and industrial buildings

Cleaning of vent channels and ventilation systems for industrial buildings is one of the main areas of activity of the cleaning company Forline. As foreign experience shows, it is necessary to clean ventkanals in virtually all buildings, where air quality can have an impact on the final product. Our experience gained in Ukraine shows that more and more industrial enterprises are starting to use such a service as cleaning ventkanalov, cleaning of air ducts, cleaning of ventilation in general.

Ventcanal cleaning can be a complex procedure, which involves cleaning the inflow ventilation ducts, cleaning the exhaust ventilation ducts, cleaning the fans, receiving chambers, umbrellas, and so on. The cleaning of inflow ventilation channels is categorically shown to enterprises in the food industry, the vodka industry, as well as to pharmaceutical companies.

As practice shows, there is not enough one replacement of filters, even in the specified terms of the term. Despite filters, ventkanals tend to be substantially polluted, and dirty air enters production sites. Doubt Order the Forline Video Inspection ventkanal in the company, and you can be sure of this.

It is also extremely important to clean ventkanals at enterprises associated with the production (or assembling) of high-tech products. For example, the production of cameras, computers, etc. Statistics EU shows that the regular cleaning of Vent channels allows you to significantly reduce the percentage of shortages in such industries. And hence, the level of overhead costs will decrease, profit will increase. As you can see, such a simple procedure, like cleaning ventkanalov at the enterprise, can lead to increased profitability of the enterprise. By analogy with the above example, we can talk about the quality of the source product of pharmaceutical companies, food companies and others. It is obvious that the cleaning of ventilation ducts is mandatory for any careful manager or owner of the company.

In addition, we should not forget about the need to clean exhaust vent channels and air ducts. For example, pharmaceutical companies in such ventkanals accumulate waste products in the form of powders that are extremely dangerous to health. In addition, if you do not clean the exhaust ventkanaly, then the high probability of a fire. For food businesses, the situation is similar, for example, in enterprises producing carbonated beverages, in exhaust ventkanalah accumulate a significant amount of syrup and other waste products. Fire hazard of such ducts is comparable to ventkanalami in restaurants. And restaurants, unfortunately, from time to time burn for one and the same reason. Therefore, it is necessary to clean both inflow, and exhaust ventkanaly on all types of industries.

A separate point should be noted that the equipment for cleaning vent channels and ventilation LIFA AIR, which uses Forline in its work, allows you to perform a number of other works. For example, it is possible to clean concrete pipes from sediments and rust. For this kind of pipe cleaning work, we use the LIFA СС40 brushcutter, as well as a number of special nozzles and brushes to produce the effect. Or, another example, such equipment will clear the storm drains on the building along the entire length, having spent on it significantly less time compared with manual labor.

Thus, we can conclude that the cleaning of ventkanals is necessary not only for restaurants, office centers or hotels, but also for industrial and industrial buildings. Regular cleaning of vent channels and ventilation in general can significantly increase the service life of individual units of the ventilation system, reduce the amount of energy consumed, as well as reduce the risks of obtaining poor quality products at the outlet, or the risk of burning ventilation in the workplace.

To get a real picture of what’s really going on in ventkas and ducts in your company, you can always call the Forline manager for advice on your site and get a complete video inspection of all ventkanals and ducts in the company.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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