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Cleaning of ventilation in administrative buildings from dust and dirt

Cleaning of ventilation in administrative buildings from dust and dirt is a mandatory home care procedure in all developed countries. For a number of reasons, the first among them is the health of people. In addition, practical Europeans are well able to count their money. It means that it is more profitable for them to regularly clean ventilation, change filters more often, or pay increased electricity bills, or repair ventilators and other elements of the ventilation system, or bear costs due to frequent illnesses of people.

We are in the premises 90% of the time. Imagine what you breathe! In air ducts not only dirt and dust accumulate, which in itself is extremely harmful, but also various microorganisms, bacteria, spores of fungi. According to WHO, dirty ventilation increases the incidence of people by 35-45%! After understanding these data, do you think it is necessary to clean air ducts from dust and dirt?

Administrative (office) building. The process of cleaning dust and dirt from the service of Forline.

It is important to understand that in all administrative buildings, the cleaning of ventilation systems allows you to save electrical and thermal energy. In addition, the most important argument “Why clean ventilation in office buildings from dust and dirt” is that clean ventilation at times reduces the risk of a fire and rapidly spreading it.

Administrative (office) building. Air purifier (dirt / dust)

Administrative (office) building. Air after clearing of dust and dirt.

Forlin’s cleaning company has a wealth of experience in providing ventilation cleaning services in various types of buildings, including office buildings (office centers). The specialists of our company have been trained by Alfavent Company, a distributor of ventilation cleaning equipment in Ukraine.

We draw your attention that we perform not only the cleaning of ventilation of administrative buildings from dust and dirt, but also complete disinfection of air ducts with the help of Finnish equipment Lifa Air. With proper periodicity (once every 6-12 months, depending on the type of house, ventilation structure and other factors), this procedure allows to ensure the purity of the ventilation ducts, from dust / dirt, and from bacteria and microorganisms. As you can see, cleaning dust and dirt is a necessary element of care for any home!

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