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Cleaning of ventilation from rust and its residues

Cleaning ducts from rust and deposits is absolutely necessary for Ukraine. This is due to improper operation of ventilation systems, and the fact that most air ducts are made from materials that are easy to corrode in order to save money. Rust in ventilation may also appear from high humidity of circulating air, or other effects of water and moisture (for example, flooding of air ducts due to the breakthrough of other communications).

In fact, as our experience shows, many ducts begin to rust after 1-2 years of operation. As a result, corrosion of air ducts can lead to their rapid wear.

Thus, the cleaning of ventilation and air ducts from rust is obligatory in terms of competent utilization of engineering networks.

Along with the purification of air ducts from other types of pollution, cleaning of ventilation from rust requires a mandatory preliminary video inspection of the internal state of air ducts. Such video inspection is carried out with the help of a special robot inspector, from the conclusions of video on the screen, and the ability to burn to disk. Video inspection of the state of ventilation allows to estimate the level of air duct pollution, to study the structure of ventilation ducts, as well as built-in elements (damper, sensors). As practice shows, there is not always a ventilation scheme, and even in cases where it exists, it often does not correspond to reality.

It must be acknowledged that it is not always possible to completely clean ventilation from rust and deposits, which can result in the result expected by the customer. In some cases, corrosion is irreversible, and we recommend changing the air ducts rather than cleaning them from rust. However, timely assessment of air ducts (at least once a year), and the cleaning of ducts from rust, will significantly increase the life of your ventilation system.

In addition to cleaning air ducts (ventilation) from rust, it is also possible to apply special chemicals on the inner surfaces of air ducts, which can significantly reduce the degree of subsequent corrosion of the air duct.

It should be noted that with the help of a powerful brushcutter Lifa Air CombiCleaner 40 it is possible to clean not only air ducts (ventilation) from rust, but also concrete pipes (rings) from age deposits and other contaminants. To do this, you just need to change the attachments for the Lifa Air brush machine.

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