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Last news

Mowing is a new direction for Forline

Forline is opening a new business – Moving Services.

Our services are getting bigger! To be even more useful to our customers and to expand our ability to receive all services in one window, we have ambitiously encroached on transportation services.

Moving services, or as they are called, transportation services, are a whole range of services that are designed to make any move comfortable and fast.

If you are planning to move, or need to move things to another location, or need to temporarily store your belongings, please contact our company.

We will be useful to you when you need:

  • To move your office, production, housing
  • Assemble and pack your belongings and furniture
  • Take and carry things of any weight
  • Temporarily store things for storage


We pay attention to every little thing, treat every thing as our own, mark

packed items that are easy to identify and make your room clean.

Our many years of experience in the service market helps us to learn a new direction faster and to deliver competitive quality and price.


Our main advantages that set us apart are:

1. Our company has been providing services since 2006.

2. Formal attachment of its obligations to the service contract

3. We provide a full range of moving services.

4. A personal manager who oversees your order.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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