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Garbage question

Our company provided advice and acted as an expert in a special issue in the Today program on the Ukraine channel, where the problem with garbage receptacles in residential buildings was raised.

The operating garbage disposal in an apartment building is two major major problems that affect every tenant in the house:

1. The unsanitary conditions that arise with the release of garbage and its accumulation in the garbage receptacle.

2. The problem with the disposal and recycling in Ukraine.

And if the second problem is a problem of national scale, which so far is solved in rare cases, by small private companies without an adopted regulatory and legislative framework that would regulate this issue at the state level (mandatory separation of garbage and its disposal).

That the first is governed by laws, regulations and orders, but their implementation is a big question.

According to the Order of March 17, 2011 No. 145 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “On Approval of State Sanitary Norms and Rules for the Maintenance of the Territories of Settlements”, the following rules for the maintenance of the garbage chute in apartment buildings have been approved.

“2.18. … In residential buildings where there are refuse chutes, conditions must be provided for

weekly cleaning, disinfecting, disinsecting and disinfecting the garbage canal canals, for which the canals are equipped with appropriate devices.

2.19. For disinfection of the channels of the garbage chute, you should use the means allowed for use by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The use of chlorine-containing disinfectants to disinfect containers and garbage canals channels is prohibited.

2.20. The garbage collection chamber should be placed directly under the garbage chute and provided with hot and cold water supply and drainage (installation of floor drains) … The garbage collection chamber should be equipped with an autonomous

ventilation duct and have an independent entrance with a door, equipped with ventilation holes in their lower part … The surface of the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the garbage collection chamber should be smooth, resistant to mechanical stress, covered with waterproof materials, easy to clean and allow frequent washing with detergents and disinfectants, or painted with wear-resistant paints and varnishes with antibacterial properties, allowing it wet

cleaning and approved for use by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

It is strictly forbidden to dump household waste from the garbage disposal directly onto the floor of the garbage disposal chamber (there must be a supply of containers in the garbage disposal chamber for at least one day), and also to expose waste containers outside the garbage disposal chamber in advance (earlier than one hour) before the garbage truck arrives. ”


What is really happening.

Our company provides services for cleaning, disinfection, disinfestation and disinsection of refuse chutes in apartment buildings. And when cleaning the garbage disposal, we are faced with a layer of debris on the walls of the garbage disposal to 5-10cm!

There is not always water supply and drainage in the garbage disposal room. The garbage from the receiver is dumped directly on the floor.

Disinfection once a week? No, have not heard. In those rare cases when they spend, they simply pour in cheap bleach, which is absolutely impossible to do.

Houses themselves create ideal conditions for various kinds of pests.

One of the exits is to close and brew the garbage receptacles, after they have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

But in order to do this, you need 100% consent of all residents of the house. And such unanimous agreement is not always possible to obtain.

Is it possible to do this by janitors or cleaners?

Definitely not. Imagine a garbage chute, with a layer of accumulated dirt of at least 5 cm, which is securely attached to the walls, you cannot remove such dirt with an ordinary rag.

Our company has in its resource a special Finnish equipment – a brush machine LIFA AIR, which perfectly copes with this task.

Cleaning is carried out in three stages:

1. The chute is filled with disinfectant, which is absorbed into the dirt and softens it.

2. A brushing machine with special cleaning chemicals cleans the garbage pipe along its entire length.

3. After cleaning, the garbage chute is disinfected again.

After this, having previously cleaned the garbage can and the garbage collection room, it is possible to consider the garbage chute to be clean.

As a rule, after such thorough cleaning, the garbage chutes in the houses are brewed.

If this is a planned cleaning, and the garbage chute remains in force, then it is necessary to adhere to the approved standards – to clean and disinfect it once a week with special approved means. We also recommend repeating thoroughly cleaning the garbage chute with a brush machine every six months.

Order a free-of-charge visit of the expert for an estimation of volume and cost of works!​

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